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October 23-25, 2017
Austin, TX

The JW Marriott Austin


About HCIC

The Annual Greystone.Net Healthcare Internet Conference 

As the healthcare digital space continues to change, evolve and grow in importance, it is more essential than ever to stay ahead of the curve on strategy, web development and digital marketing.

Greystone.Net’s annual Healthcare Internet Conference (HCIC) is the premier conference for healthcare marketing, IT, public relations and communication leaders who are responsible for their organization's public-facing websites, intranets, portals, social channels, mobile strategy and CRM strategies. This conference provides an opportunity to analyze “best practices” on a range of issues and brings together healthcare leaders from a variety of disciplines to collaborate and learn.

Case studies are presented from hospitals in the country on what’s working, including advances in mobile, social, CRM, analytics, physician and patient connectivity and ROI successes. Also, practical tips and ideas for web strategies and tactics are presented and discussed.

HCIC offers attendees an opportunity to get an up-close look at both established and emerging technologies, web tools, digital marketing solutions and innovative strategies from the leading vendors in the country. 

Today’s healthcare leaders are finding themselves facing the unbridled growth of Web-based operations, interactivity, functionality and innovation. This complex and challenging — yet exhilarating — time is helping to shape the future of healthcare.

This conference pulls together those in Marketing, IT, Web, Communications, Public Relations, CRM Management, Data Analytics, Business Development, and Strategic Planners to learn, collaborate and advance the industry. This year’s conference topics are organized into eight major tracks:
  • Digital Strategy and Planning sponsored by Greystone.Net
    Highlighting the role of robust strategic thought as the healthcare industry addresses the needs of its diverse publics (e.g., patients, consumers, physicians, employees, etc.) through its ever-growing digital footprint.
  • Consumer Engagement
    Highlighting the newer tools, solutions, techniques and tactics designed specifically to leverage the Web to improve the patient experience and encourage consumer engagement.
  • CRM and Analytics sponsored by Corrigan Consulting
    Showcasing CRM and Analytic strategies and implementation tactics through digital marketing integration success stories. This track will also help attendees understand how to evaluate the effectiveness, efficiency and business value of their digital footprint.
  • Multi-Channel Marketing sponsored by Team SI
    Focusing on how healthcare is using multi-channel marketing tactics (e.g., social media, mobile, digital advertising, web, SEO, SEM, etc.) to influence consumer choice, meet marketing and organizational goals and support brand management. 

  • Technology and Tools
    Highlighting current best-in-class implementations of CMS and CRM platforms, APIs, custom applications, workarounds, open source, etc.

  • Digital Marketing/Advertising
    Focusing on the development and execution of digital marketing plans, tactics and campaigns – including everything from organic search to online marketing to reputation management and beyond, all designed to help reach organizational, business and marketing goals as you continue to expand your digital footprint.
  • Design and Usability sponsored by Coffey Communications
    Focusing on the role of design and usability in the development of effective online user experiences, including how best to reach the increasingly mobile user. 
  • On the Horizon: Digital 2020 sponsored by Connective DX
    Focusing on educating healthcare marketers on how to get ready today for the changes and emerging technologies that likely will be important in 2020 and beyond. 

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