Person-Level Marketing

Person-Level Marketing: Combining CRM and Data Onboarding for a Truly Targeted Multichannel Experience


RECORDED ON: Wednesday, December 19, 2018
1-2 pm EDT

Like most health systems, St. Charles Health System knows that innovation is a cornerstone to progress. With a new investment in sophisticated robotic technology for hip and knee replacement, they needed an equally sophisticated strategy to reach, educate and measure today’s increasingly digitally-engaged patients.

Aggressive growth goals and limited budget meant an emphasis on extending reach while maintaining optimal efficiency. The team first leveraged their CRM system to pinpoint and profile the optimal targets within primary and tertiary markets. Then needed a plan to eliminate wasteful impressions and optimize the impact of the integrated campaign through cross-channel exposure using consistent, individual-level targeting. Working with their execution partners, they piloted an innovative digital display targeting technology which allowed them to target and measure their audience using the same CRM system supporting the rest of the campaign. The technique allows them, for the first time, to maximize cross-channel exposure, but more importantly, to quantify the downstream clinical behavior of the online targeted audience.


Meet The Speakers!

Julie Vandersluis

Mark Clark

Julie Vandersluis 
Marketing and Creative Services Manager
St. Charles Health System

Mark Clark 
VP, Analytics and Communication Engagement Solutions