Exhibitor FAQ

Q: Will you extend the early rate deadline?

A: Deadlines are firm and we do not make exceptions

Q: Is the exhibit hall carpeted?

A: Yes, the exhibit hall is always carpeted. You do not have to order carpet for your booth unless you want a special color, size, etc.

Q: Is there WiFi in the exhibit hall?

A: Yes, there is WiFi in the entire meeting space, including exhibit hall. However, WiFi can be spotty at hotels, so if you’re doing demos, running videos, etc., you may want to order a hard-wired line.

Q: Is the exhibit hall open to attendees during the session hours?

A: No. Exhibitors have access to the exhibit hall at all times, while attendees have access only during open exhibit hours.

Q: Do you have to be a sponsor in order to exhibit? 

A: While we encourage sponsorship for maximum visibility, you don’t need to sponsor in order to exhibit.

Q: Where will the food stations be located in the exhibit hall?

A: We move the food/coffee/beverages around to different aisles at each function.  However, the bars for receptions will always be in the back.

Q: Can exhibitors attend the sessions, luncheons, etc?

A: Yes, Absolutely!