Lee Carmen Presentation

Is That Really Happening in my Hospital? Insights from a Veteran Health System CIO

In this keynote session, hear real-life stories and insights from a long-term health system chief information officer on the challenges being faced by healthcare providers and what’s really happening inside today’s health systems. Understand how CIOs are juggling all the many needs of the organization – clinical, operations, marketing, security and more. Learn how they plan for disasters and head-off cyber threats to keep their hospitals safe. Understand how they meet regulatory requirements for HIPAA, data interoperability and more. Learn how they choose vendors and manage large initiatives, and most importantly, how they work with their own staffs as well as with the marketers and web staff. Leave the session with better insight into what’s going on “behind the curtain” and how you, as a marketer, can better work with IT to successfully move your organization forward.