Jessica Rector, MBA Presentation

Blaze Your Brain: Turn Negative Thoughts into Positivity, More Action and Bigger Results

You have 600,000 thoughts a day and 80% are negative, yet often you don’t recognize these negative thoughts. How is that?

Explore the mindset that keeps you from being more focused and achieving better results. These thoughts come in the form of self-doubt, worry and stress, which are all linked to a poor attitude, an increase in errors and declining leadership. The right mindset, however, will help you communicate more effectively and solve problems faster. This session, led by Jessica Rector, a best-selling author and leading authority on burnout and mind wellness, will guide you through a 5-step process to identify your negative thoughts and turn them into actions that will change how you work, lead and live. Your future success depends on changing your thoughts., changing your outcomes and firing up your power within.