Jake Poore Presentation

What If Hospitals Ran Disney?

What if hospitals ran Disney the way we run our hospitals? Would it still be called “the happiest place on earth?” Would you know how much anything costs? Or how long the wait would be? And at the end of the day, would you exit the park when you wanted or would you be “discharged” only when we tell you it’s time to go?!

Now, let’s flip that perspective. What if Disney ran your hospital, your finance department, your IT Help desk? How would the care experience be different? Between the two options, which experiences do you think your customers and patients would prefer? And in this era of the great resignation, don’t we owe it to our employees to have more fun at work? To be connected more to purpose rather than just doing a job? Learn from Jake Poore, a veteran Disney leader and expert, how to elevate the human side of healthcare. Listen as he shares Disney’s top strategies for delivering and hardwiring world-class service for every patient, in every interaction, through a culture of always. And discover the three simple tools you can use to help your employees think differently and act differently, so they can create better care experiences.