Lori Turner Presentation

The expectations of today's workforce have changed. How you manage, recruit and engage must change too. That means breaking old rules, choosing the essential over the expected and rethinking just about everything. In this keynote, international keynote speaker and Mindset Digital Chief Executive Officer Debra Jasper joins forces with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona Chief Marketing Officer Lori Turner to cover how to:

  • Leverage more agile environments to roll out new programs, processes and plans at warp speed — even with a more remote workforce.
  • Fully optimize your online presence — from your website to the online profiles of your top executives, recruiters and physicians (now, more than ever, people are connecting virtually).
  • Use gamification, leaderboards and simple rewards (think water bottles and T-Shirts) to transform how you engage hybrid teams and produce measurable results.

Don’t miss this fast-paced session on how to embrace — and showcase — new approaches that will elevate your outreach, raise productivity and help you stand out from the crowd.