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October 23-25, 2017
Austin, TX

The JW Marriott Austin

Pre-Conference Events

This year, HCIC features four Pre-Conference Workshops. These sessions are three-hour blocks dedicated to focusing intently on hot industry topics.

If you are interested in our pre-conference workshops, don't forget to sign up for one on the HCIC Registration form.

An additional registration fee of $125 is required for each pre-conference event (early reg fee is only $95).Use the registration form to secure a seat at your preferred event. Space is limited.

Pre-Conference #1 -  Content Strategy and Marketing

Migration Woes? Using Content Auditing and CMS Planning to Create Consistent, Coherent Content 

Content can be a mess on hospital websites, particularly when so many different service lines create content without consulting each other. What do you do when you need to combine content written by many different people under one service line or that includes many departments? Or, if your system is combining the web content of other sister hospitals and a major migration and redesign is in order? In this workshop, learn best practices for assessing your content before migration. Explore different methodologies for content auditing, as well as how to use those findings to influence content strategy, information architecture and design. Review several case studies, including an in-depth look at how one academic medical center, along with their pediatric hospital and school of medicine partners, worked in tandem to understand the universe of content for their Women & Infant’s service line. Hear how the marketing team, using auditing and competitive analysis, was better equipped to decide where to spend money on creating new, vibrant content for the combined service line. Leave the workshop with techniques, tips and processes you can use in your organization to soothe and strengthen the content migration and creation processes. 

Kami Bathon, Supervisor, Marketing & eBusiness, Barnes-Jewish Hospital
Ben Brasso, Strategy Lead, CentreTEK
Ahava Leibtag, President, Aha Media Group 


Pre-Conference #2 - Mobile App Development

What’s in an App? The DIY Project Roadmap from Idea to Successful Launch

Mobile applications are often the ‘medium of choice’ for engaging audiences in nearly any interactive process. As a digital manager, making the decision to build in-house (versus buy) requires both a sound process and capable development staff. Through this hands-on workshop, learn the steps of mobile app creation, focusing on idea conception and design. Hear how to search optimize for the app stores and how to develop a “go to market” strategy that ensures both successful launch and sustained use. The faculty will share insights on engaging the audience and internal stakeholders. And, for each step of the process, hear lessons learned from a case study on the DIY development of a Surgery Connect app for St. Louis Children’s Hospital. 

Vicki Rhomberg, MSN, RN, Surgical Services Manager, St. Louis Children’s Hospital
Sue Altman-Riffel, Chief Executive Officer, AppCatalyst
Joseph Gledhill, Chief Technology Officer, AppCatalyst 


Pre-Conference #3 - Website Redesign

Eight Things I Wish I Knew Before Redesigning My Website

This is not your typical website redesign session. In this workshop, explore some of the less glamorous, yet essential, aspects of website redesign - governance, system architecture, accessibility, data quality and more. Learn from digital healthcare pros with multiple redesigns under their belts, as they share hard-earned lessons, tips and tools you can use to make your next redesign project a success. Whether your redesign is revolutionary or evolutionary - this workshop has something for you.

Missy Ewald, Project Manager, Web Services, Henry Ford Health System
Anna Hansard,
Director, Web Strategy, Henry Ford Health System
Séamus O’Reilly,
Digital Marketing Director, Duke Health
Matthew Schwabel,
Senior Director, Integrated Marketing, Duke Health


Pre-Conference #4 - Emerging Social Media

Taking Social to the Next Level

Millennials are as comfortable with social media today as baby boomers were with a touch-tone phone 30 years ago. So how do we keep our organizations current and leverage social media using the latest strategies, tools and technologies? How do we avoid falling into the comfortable old technology trap? In this workshop, learn from pioneers exploring the frontier of social media and understand how to demonstrate critical ROI and business value. This workshop goes beyond the ‘bread and butter’ of Facebook posts and Twitter feeds to explore ways to leverage the latest in social media such as Facebook Live, Instagram, Snapchat and more. Leave the workshop with a better understanding of how to enhance your organizational brand, dazzle your customers with improved patient experiences and strategically leapfrog competitors with advanced social techniques and analytics.

Erica V. Johansen, Account Supervisor, Splash Media Group, LLC
Melody Smith Jones,
Director of Strategy, HYP3R
Michael Deiner,
Social Media Specialist, Penn State Health
Tristin Bates,
Social Media Specialist, Johns Hopkins