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November 5-7, 2018
Scottsdale, AZ

Pre-Conference Events

This year, HCIC features five Pre-Conference Workshops. These sessions are three-hour blocks dedicated to focusing intently on hot industry topics.

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An additional registration fee of $125 is required for each pre-conference event (early reg fee is only $95).Use the registration form to secure a seat at your preferred event. Space is limited.

Pre-Conference #1
Advanced Technologies

Engage at Warp Speed with New Communications Platforms: Balancing Patient Expectations, Ethics and Provider Realities

The emergence of new consumer platforms is splintering media channels. Three big, seemingly unrelated trends are warping consumer expectations this year, including:
  • Digital personal assistants catalyzing expectations for response times
  • Chatbots disrupting the notional idea of traditional searching
  • Messaging apps contorting the expectations of real-time transactions.
All three trends signal an important, fundamental change: hospitals need to unify an approach to marketing, operations and service focused on real-time capacity to deliver – while addressing ethical questions and provider - partner concerns. In this workshop, learn:
  • What's realistic versus hype?
  • What will physicians embrace or oppose?
  • How can we support providers as these tools roll out?
  • And more.
James Gardner, Director, Market and Business Development, MedTouch
Mike Mangi, Director, Strategy, Phase2
Abhi Sharma, Vice President, Product, Loyal
Bryan Vartabedian, M.D., Director of Community Medicine, Texas's Children's Hospital
Facilitated by Ed Bennett, Founder, MarTech.Health




Pre-Conference #2

Analytics, Optimization, Personalization, and Engagement: When Content Marketing Gets Technical

This isn’t your standard content strategy session! Content marketing is no longer a “soft skill” and in this session, we will discuss the technical aspects of content marketing, including analytics, optimization, personalization and engagement. Learn how two healthcare organizations (Cleveland Clinic and St. Louis Children’s Hospital) are leveraging these tools to convert their content marketing programs into measurable and effective components of their overall strategy. Hear real case studies about effective content optimization programs and walk away with tools and tactics to implement into your own content marketing program immediately.

Matthew Bakaitis, Director, Content Engineering, Cleveland Clinic
John Odom, Senior Consultant, Digital Communications and Marketing, St. Louis Children's Hospital
Jenny Bristow, CEO, Creative Anvil




Pre-Conference #3
Social Media







Pre-Conference #4

Disrupting the Intranet - 10 Steps to Creating a User-Centered Intranet to Drive Employee Engagement and Productivity

Employees have the biggest impact on the success or failure of a health system, yet the internal communication and engagement tools they are provided continue to be an afterthought. Henry Ford Health System and Carilion Clinic both realized this disparity and took on the challenge to create intranets that go beyond what has been traditionally done in Healthcare. In this session, you will learn the ten critical steps that Henry Ford and Carilion used to disrupt their employee intranets.

Kelsey O’Neil, Web Services Associate
Erica Stromberg, Web Services Manager Henry Ford Health System
Bryce Cannon, President, Modea





Pre-Conference #5

The Author of your Brand, the Healthcare Consumer: How Consumer Voice Informs Marketing and Strategy

In today’s consumer marketplace, marketing leaders need a deeper understanding of what’s necessary to cultivate and earn loyal patients. How are they engaging with traditional platforms and new technology? What insights are they sharing and who are they choosing to trust? Join this team of experts and hear the latest research with case study examples from leading healthcare systems, along with practical take away strategies to earn the loyalty of your current and future patients.

Chris Boyer, Director, Digital Strategy & Analytics, Fairview Health Services, University of Minnesota Health
Dennis Jolley, Senior Vice President, Institutional Advancement and Chief Strategy Officer, Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare
Aaron Clifford, Senior Vice President, Marketing, Binary Fountain
Chrissy Daniels, Partner, Press Ganey Associates, Inc.