Elliott Parker Presentation

Building on Tuesday’s opening keynote presentation, we are all eager for a future of care that is more personalized, more effective and more human. Over the last decade, most health systems have rightly made innovation a key operational objective, and while some are (thankfully) succeeding, many are still finding it difficult to achieve meaningful results, especially in the face of significant and growing margin pressure. Contrary to popular belief, innovation is actually getting harder in nearly every industry. Traditional solutions no longer work, and it is important to understand why. How can health systems simultaneously improve their core operations while investing to build what needs to come next? What are the barriers that get in the way of real innovation and how can they be overcome? In this nuts-and-bolts keynote presentation from Elliott Parker, the Chief Executive Officer of High Alpha Innovation, learn five things your organization can do in the next 100 days to change your innovation trajectory and begin achieving tangible results.