Manley Feinberg II Presentation

Reaching Your Next Summit: 7 Vertical Lessons and 1 Essential Question for Leading with Impact

Healthcare professionals often struggle to deliver more value under tightening business constraints and rising expectations. Add the complications of regulations, engaging a multi-generational work force, constantly evolving technology, economic pressure, plus the chaos of our new day-to-day life and you have a serious challenge. After facing the same frustrations from the front lines to the executive level for more than 20 years, hear how Manley Feinberg II, Chief Experience Officer of Vertical Lessons, believes the answer is in equipping individuals at all levels to think, act and influence as leaders in their environment. Learn his 7 leadership strategies that will empower you to stretch your comfort zones and discover the one essential area you must micro-manage to gain clarity in the chaos. Leave with tools you can use immediately to develop a leadership mindset that engages, equips and inspires both you and your team members to step up and lead regardless of title.