Manley Feinberg II Presentation

Leading in the Unknown: 5 Vertical Lessons to Reach Your Next Summit

The global pandemic has put an unprecedented level of pressure on healthcare professionals to deliver more value under tightening budget constraints and rising expectations. Add the complications of regulations, engaging a multi-generational work force, constantly shifting technology and the balance of personal life needs in these uncertain times, and you have a serious challenge.

After facing the many of these same frustrations from the front lines to the executive level for more than 20 years, hear how Manley Feinberg II, Chief Experience Officer of Vertical Lessons, believes the answer is in equipping individuals at all levels to think, act and influence as leaders in their environment.

Learn Manley's 5 strategies to equip and inspire attendees, and their team members, to step up and lead regardless of their titles. Discover how Manley has been to the top of the world's most beautiful summits - using trust and teamwork - and why he's always "On Belay."  Emerge from this session uplifted and re-energized and able to move forward with a new sense of clarity and focus.