HCIC Logo 2020

November 2-4, 2020
Los Angeles, CA

Wednesday Morning Presentation

What’s Working On Facebook Now: How Businesses Are Succeeding Using the Facebook Family of Apps

We’re living in unprecedented times with the ever-growing presence of Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp. The social networking giants gather an inordinate amount of user data and, in turn, offer incredibly accurate targeting methods to help businesses grow. However, even for the most experienced marketers, getting consistently solid results on Facebook can prove elusive at times. The good news is, whatever your marketing goals, you can accomplish them using Facebook’s array of tools. In this powerful session, world renowned Premier Facebook Marketing Expert, Mari Smith, will share exactly how businesses in a variety of industries are using Facebook to achieve solid results. And, she’ll show how healthcare leaders can apply these same strategies and tactics to raise awareness, get discovered, generate authentic engagement, build loyal communities, showcase products, collect leads, drive growth and more. Whether on desktop or mobile, these strategies work seamlessly to have your message show up in the exact places where your audience spends their time.