HCIC Logo 2020

November 2-4, 2020
Los Angeles, CA

Powerpoint Guidelines and Presentation Upload


The quality and consistency of conference handouts has a major impact on the attendees' overall satisfaction with the conference.  Therefore, we ask that all faculty:

  • Please download and use this PowerPoint presentation.

  • Provide us with a Microsoft PowerPoint file of your presentation.  Microsoft Word summaries will not be accepted as a substitute for a PowerPoint (PPT).

  • All laptops will have Office 2016 installed on them.

  • If there is more than one speaker for the session, please incorporate all PPTs into one final PPT.

  • Please provide us with the FINAL PPT, and PDF in electronic form, by Friday, October 16, 2020. (See below for instructions)    

  • Some attendees may print handouts to bring to the conference, so for printing purposes, please use a light background with dark text.

  • Please keep the number of slides to a maximum of 40-50 per session.

  • To allow for maximum viewing quality, the session rooms will display the presentation in WIDE-SCREEN. Please ensure you have selected the 16:9 format for wide-screen:
    • Select ‘Design’ tab
    • Select ‘Page Setup’
    • Select ’16:9’ from the drop-down menu


Ready to upload your presentation? Please fill out the following information:

Please upload your PowerPoint presentation (max size, 50MB)
Please upload a PDF copy of your presentation (PDF only, max size, 10MB)
If your presentation is more than 10MB. Go to File>Export>Create PDF/XPS Document and optimize for minimum size. If it is still too large, you may have to delete video/content in order to meet the 10MB requirement.