Healthcare SEO: During a Crisis And Beyond

Healthcare SEO During a Crisis And Beyond


RECORDED ON: Wednesday, April 22, 2020
2:00 PM – 3:00 PM ET

Milestone has developed and begun implementing the Covid-19 Crisis-Recovery-Growth strategy framework and wants to share it with the community including key priorities, case studies and tactics for marketers to use as they manage the impact of the covid19 pandemic during April, May, June, and July and then prepare a road to recovery. Join Milestone’s team of experts in an exclusive webinar to learn the latest trends, share data from FAQ, schema, and voice search, discuss strategies for implementation—especially for medium to large-scale healthcare providers.

Our experts will discuss:

  • Crisis-Recovery-Growth strategy framework and its importance
  • How to innovate offers to adapt to the conditions
  • How to update local to keep customers up to date
  • Google My Business for healthcare providers
  • The key role FAQs and schemas play in saturating the SERPs
  • Pitfalls to avoid and takeaways to try

Meet The Speakers!







Sathya  Krishnamurthy 
Milestone Inc

Erik Newton
VP of Marketing
Milestone Inc.

Adam Paddock
Digital Marketing Manager
Westlake Dermatology