NYU Langone Prepares for Google’s 2021 SEO Update

NYU Langone Prepares for Google’s 2021 SEO Update

RECORDED ON: Thursday, March 11, 2021
1:00 PM ET

Join NYU Langone and digital agency partner, MoreVisibility, for an interactive roundtable discussion discussing how to build an in-house content team and have them effectively collaborate with an Agency to achieve measurable SEO results. With Google’s upcoming algorithm update, User Experience (UX) is more important than ever. Hear how NYU Langone is poised for this change and the strategic direction their Agency, MoreVisibility, provided to help them prepare.

Meet The Speakers!

photo of Allyson Collins

photo of Danielle Leitch

more visibility
Allyson Collins
Senior Director of Digital Communications
NYU Langone Health

Danielle Leitch
Chief Operating Officer

Matt Crowley
Vice President, Digital Services