Jay Schwedelson Presentation

Email Marketing Health Check: Effective NEW Email Marketing Tips that Work for Healthcare

Does your email marketing need treatment? In this session, Jay Schwedelson, founder of SubjectLine.com and CEO of Outcome Media, guides you through an email marketing health check and prescribes the best possible treatment protocol to cut through the noise and ensure your emails are making an impact. Jay zeros-in on how to increase open rates with a few easy tweaks, how to get more responses on email offers and how to improve email marketing ROI. From how to craft the best performing subject lines to creating interactive designs, this session draws on real time data from successful email campaigns – those executed in just the last 30 days – to provide detailed insight into specific email tactics that are working right now for hospital systems like yours. Learn tips, tricks and brand-new tactics that you can apply to your campaigns immediately, and walk away with a good understanding of:

• The power of subject lines and how specific words can make your email standout
• What’s keeping recipients from making it to your offer landing page and how to combat that
• Small changes to your email creative, landing pages and overall setup that will radically improve your marketing ROI
• Simple and quick tweaks to double open rates for your email campaigns
• The best days and ideal frequencies for sending emails.