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The Healthcare Internet Conference is honored to partner with Bowstring and Touch Point Media to bring you access to the strategic thinking of some of the brilliant speakers and attendees at HCIC23 in Los Angeles in November 2023.

Tune into the latest broadcasts (see below) to hear about trends and challenges from strategic leaders in our industry. Join us as we explore the cutting-edge advancements and important policy changes that are shaping the healthcare industry. From now through the end of May, a new videocast will be released each week. Don’t miss out!


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Latest Release 

Dean Browell-Behavioral Insights in Healthcare Marketing: Brand Perception through Social Listening

In Episode 12 of "Live from HCIC 2023," Dean Browell, Chief Behavioral Officer at Feedback, brings a fresh perspective to healthcare marketing with his unique blend of behavioral science and social media expertise. With 14 years at Feedback, Dean emphasizes the importance of understanding patient and workforce experiences through social listening, going beyond mere brand mentions to an anthropological study of conversations. He stresses the need for healthcare organizations to move away from navel-gazing and towards truly understanding the lived experiences of those they serve. Dean's approach challenges healthcare marketers to critically evaluate how their brand is perceived and discussed in public forums, ultimately aligning their value proposition with the real experiences of patients and staff. This podcast is a must-listen for those seeking to deepen their understanding of modern healthcare marketing strategies.

Other Episodes

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