Keynote Anita Stubenrauch

Purpose-Driven Storytelling: A Cure for Conventional Healthcare Marketing

In an industry driven by clinical complexity and scientific rigor, the notion of purpose-driven storytelling might seem like a soft and sentimental distraction. Yet, as creative powerhouse Anita Stubenrauch reveals, compelling narratives hold the key to revolutionizing healthcare experiences and outcomes. Drawing from her experience crafting the Apple Credo and advising visionary leaders, Anita reveals the universal principles of effective storytelling and how they can be applied to rally patients, inspire donors and engage employees. Through real-world examples and actionable strategies, she demonstrates how purpose-driven stories can improve the consumer experience, drive patient conversions, boost philanthropic giving and enhance staff retention, among other things.

Discover the antidote to conventional healthcare communication in this thought-provoking session. Learn the how to craft narratives that connect hearts and minds to your organization's mission and unlock the transformative potential of storytelling in driving meaningful outcomes. Join Anita and explore the power of stories to heal, inspire and transform the healthcare landscape.