Keynote Douwe Bergsma

Real Change Lives Here: A Brand Growth Story

Embark on a journey through the transformation of Piedmont, where real change lives. Guided by a resolute purpose and a 10-year strategic framework, witness the evolution of a brand growth strategy that helped propel Piedmont to one of the best health system performances in the US. During the challenging 2020 – 23 period, Piedmont successfully and simultaneously changed its approach to:

  •  Brand Building, using Public Relations, Community Affairs, Marketing and Recruiting to fortify its brand presence.
  • Brand Activation, featuring Performance Marketing and Physician Outreach to ensure the brand attracted patients. 
  • Brand Orchestration, enhancing the Patient Experience along the full patient journey in the digital age.

 In this opening keynote, hear Douwe Bergsma, Piedmont’s Chief Marketing Officer, unveil the strategic blueprint behind the Piedmont journey, which was inspired by the brand growth science and experience from many different industries. Through compelling insights-driven cases, Douwe will share the successes - and a few misses - encountered along the way, and he will offer lessons drawn from their record-breaking achievements in brand, service line and hospital performance. Don't miss this keynote that promises to inspire and enlighten, leaving you actionable insights to drive transformative brand growth in your own health system.