Keynote Larry Bailin

Marketing to Goldfish: Creating High-Awareness Marketing Strategies in a Low Attention Span World


The attention span for the average goldfish is about 8 seconds, and according to new research from Microsoft that is exactly when people start losing their concentration. Eight seconds, that's it! That's all we have as marketers to make a semi-meaningful connection.

So, how do you navigate this landscape? How do you create patient and customer acquisition strategies in a world of low attention spans and fierce competition? From short-form video to assistive devices, generative AI and a looming cookieless web, garnering attention is harder than ever, and getting it wrong can open the door to competitors. This gives rise to the necessity and art of getting to the point while creating high-awareness marketing strategies.

Join keynote speaker and bestselling marketing author Larry Bailin for a master class in contemporary consumer behavior and marketing practices. Discover the processes and strategies that leading brands are using for acquisition and awareness in a noisy world. 

Hear about …

Developing short form thinking

The physics of marketing

The link between short-form video and consumer behavior

The attraction and persuasion behavior that leads to conversion          

 Search-to-success processes

 Disruption in an AI-driven world.

Brace yourself for this fast-paced, high-energy keynote designed to keep your attention, even if you are swimming in a sea of distractions. After all, in a world of goldfish-like attention spans, we’re all marketers swimming against the current! 

Note: Beverages will be available during this keynote session.