Speaker Resources and Information


Social Media Messaging

Posting to social media is a great way to let your contacts know that you'll be speaking at the conference. Here is an image and a few sample posts that you may use to promote your presence on Twitter (@greystone) and Instagram (greystoneHCIC):

I'll be speaking at HCIC. Will I see you there? #HCIC22
See me speak about [topic] at HCIC, Nov. 7-9. More: www.hcic.net. #HCIC22
  • Please download the PowerPoint presentation to be used in your session located on the presentation upload page. An electronic copy of your presentation is due no later than Friday, September 26, 2022.  Please upload presentation on the presentation upload page

  • Please remember ... DON'T "sell" your product, service, or organization, as it will certainly reflect poorly on your evaluations and you will not be invited back to speak at future HCIC meetings.

  • Allow 5-10 minutes for Q&A during your time allotment. It's important to give live attendees time to get from one session to the next and important for virtual session attendees so they can participate in Q&A while the speakers are available to answer questions.
    • Upon arrival at the conference, stop by the registration desk to pick up your speaker credentials and conference materials.

    • A speaker ready room may be available for you Monday through Wednesday during conference hours to use to prepare for your presentation.

    • On the day of your presentation, please plan to arrive no less than 20 minutes before your scheduled speaking time (in the assigned meeting room). Arriving early allows you to preview your presentation, test the internet connection, test and put on the lavaliere microphone and to ensure that all the AV is properly functioning.

    • The meeting room will be equipped with a laptop with the last version of the presentation you submitted already pre-loaded. If you have updated your presentation since submission, please send it to sfoster@greystone.net and bring it with you on a jump drive to update the laptop (as a backup).

    • The meeting room will also be equipped with lavaliere microphones and a projector. PLEASE WEAR THE MICROPHONE. We want everyone to be able to hear you.

    • Repeat questions from the audience so that everyone can hear the question.

    • There are sponsors for each track, so someone should be there to introduce you to the attendees and to make sure everything goes well throughout the session. If they don't show up, please introduce yourself at the beginning of the session.