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Acceptance Letter - Past Due

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Presentation Instructions


Let your contacts know that you'll be speaking at the conference. Here is an image that you may use to promote your presence on Twitter (@greystone) and Instagram (greystoneHCIC).

Acceptance Letter is due June 10, 2022. Please send to sfoster@greystone.net.

You will receive an email from Laura Clemons with a whova.io address, that will give you the ability to update your personal information, bio and headshot. This will show up in the conference app and schedule so make sure this is accurate and filled out by June 17, 2022. Please direct any questions to lclemons@greystone.net.

Register with the speaker code sent to you from sfoster@greystone.net no later than September 16, 2022 to avoid the increased fees of $550. Please note: You must be registered for the conference to get your credentials for admission to the conference and to get access to the conference app.

Any changes - your job title, organization, etc. - please change the information in the app and notify sfoster@greystone.net  so our records and conference documents can be updated. If you become unavailable to present or attend the conference, please let Sara know ASAP so that we can make alternate arrangements.

Download the template and upload your presentation on the presentation upload page. An electronic copy of your presentation (PPT deck) is due no later than Friday, October 7, 2022 for inclusion in promotional materials, the conference mobile app, and the website. In the absence of timely materials, HCIC may discontinue your presentation. 

  • Please remember ... DON'T "sell" your product, service, or organization, as it will certainly reflect poorly on your evaluations and you will not be invited back to speak at future HCIC meetings.
  • Allow 5-10 minutes for Q&A during your time allotment. Master classes are 2 1/2 hours and track sessions are 50 minutes.
Submit any additional AV Requests on this Form by October 7, 2022.

At the Conference


Last Minute Changes



A speaker ready room will be available to use to prepare for your presentation. More details will be given later.

Plan to arrive no less than 20 minutes before your scheduled speaking time (in the assigned meeting room). During this time, preview your presentation, test the internet connection, test and put on the lavaliere microphone.

The meeting room will be equipped with a laptop with the last version of the presentation you submitted already pre-loaded. If you have updated your presentation since submission, please send it to sfoster@greystone.net and bring it with you on a jump drive to update the laptop (as a backup). 

The meeting room will also be equipped with lavaliere microphones and a projector. PLEASE WEAR THE MICROPHONE. Repeat questions from the audience so that everyone can hear the question.

There are sponsors for each track, so someone should be there to introduce you to the attendees. If they don't show up, please introduce yourself at the beginning of the session.