Is Your Website Causing Your Brand to SUFFER

Wednesday, April 26, 2023
1:00 PM ET

As digital marketers, we all like to believe our websites increase and further the goodwill and positive feelings of our brand. But, is that really true? How often do your website visitors suffer through a negative experience? In this session, join the leaders of gSight, a standardized questionnaire with over 300,000 completed website visitor feedback surveys, to better understand the impact of the digital brand experience. Learn more about the top five website trends we are seeing and how these have an impact on your brand perception. We will show how this information gives hospital and healthcare system marketers the ability to manage and improve the digital experience using direct feedback from website visitors. In addition to gSight leadership, Meagan Mackerer, Sr. Consumer Insights Strategist for Virtua Health, will review how insights from gSight led to specific improvements for the Virtua website and led to improved visitor experience scores.