The 2021 Contact Survey Results - Key Findings, Results and Implications

RECORED ON: Thursday, August 19, 2021 1:00 PM ET

Join us to hear the results of the just released 2021 Contact Center survey, sponsored jointly by Greystone.Net and Healthcare Call Center Times. The survey, administered during early summer 2021, collected information on the services, challenges, performance and future of healthcare call and contact centers. This webinar will share the wide variety of data and information on the current priorities and activities of today’s contemporary healthcare contact center. This year’s survey marks the 15th anniversary of when the survey first debuted in 2006.

The results can help you develop a roadmap for the future of your call center using objective industry benchmarks. You’ll be able to use the information from this webinar to help you evaluate your call center’s current performance and chart a course to even higher purposes and performance. Leave with new insights, detailed benchmarks and a copy of the full report. 

Meet The Speakers!

Divis, Kathy

Schneider, Mike

Kathy Divis

Mike Schneider
Vice President