The Central Role of the Contact Center in Technology-Enabled Patient Engagement

RECORDED ON: Thursday, October 21, 2021 1:00 PM ET

Today’s patients and consumers expect a consistently sophisticated experience equal to their experiences outside of healthcare, regardless of how they enter your system. That requires an increasing amount of data, analytics, and automation across an expanding number of channels. It’s no surprise that CIOs are now critical enablers of patient engagement strategies. This is a relatively new domain for them, however, and they may overlook the obvious starting point: the contact center.

Agents and supervisors have more patient engagement experience than anyone else in the health system. Unfortunately, too often contact center leaders are overlooked in technology-centered discussions that invariably would benefit from “boots on the ground” insights. 

This session will cover how to:

  • Comprehend the evolution of the contact center to an omnichannel engagement hub charged with efficiently enhancing consumer experience, patient acquisition and retention, and provider network utilization
  • Take your place at the table with IT and other stakeholders to ensure technology-enabled patient engagement strategies are grounded in decades of frontline agent and supervisor experience
  • Advocate on behalf of your contact center and consumers’ overwhelming preference to interact with a live human voice regarding their healthcare issues

Meet The Speaker!

marti van veen

Marti Van Veen
VP, Engagement Center Services 
Mercury Healthcare