Master Class Events

These sessions are dedicated to focusing intently on hot industry topics.

An additional registration fee of $145 is required for each pre-conference event (early registration fee is only $125).Use the registration form to secure a seat at your preferred event. Space is limited.

Consumer-Driven Value Propositions: Discover Your Differentiators to Drive User Experience

Now more than ever, health systems must differentiate in the market to compete for consumer attention and loyalty. In a competitive consumer environment, your value proposition has to resonate throughout the user journey, from awareness to conversion, driving the user experience to actually deliver on the brand promise. In this interactive master class, learn how to uncover their differentiators, communicate them effectively and apply them to your UX.

Laila Waggoner
Vice President, Strategic Partnerships
Core Health

Dean Browell
Chief Behavioral Officer 

Ben Cash
Chief Executive Officer 

Encouraging Collaboration Between Clinical, Business, IT, Marketing and Operations

Our industry is in a perfect storm of consumer demand, payor disarray, technology changes and data unreadiness. There has never been a more important time for us to work collaboratively. In this master class, learn how to choose an important problem to focus on and encourage collaboration across your health system. Whether you're in marketing or operations, your roadmap of growth and loyalty strategies require cross-functional expertise.

Suzanne Hendery
Chief Marketing, Communications and Customer Officer
Renown Health  

Claudette John
Taxonomy/AI Chat Manager 

Lisa Williams
VP, Growth & Loyalty 

HIPAA, FTC & State Laws: What You Need to Know NOW!

The legal landscape is constantly shifting in healthcare marketing and the rules tightened even more in 2022. Are you on top of the recent developments? Attend this master class to gain a better understanding of what’s happening in healthcare marketing compliance. This session won't be full of legal jargon, we promise! The session will tackle what you can track, what can’t you track, and why! Leave with real life examples, best practices and ways for even non-tech-savvy marketers to see if their organization is handling patient data safely.
Aaron Williams
Digital Analytics and SEO Lead
Cincinnati Children's Hospital

Jenny Bristow
Chief Executive Officer
Hedy & Hopp 

Recruit, Retain and Engage Job Seekers: How Bayhealth Excels in a Highly Competitive Job Market

Hiring and retaining staff in healthcare is challenging, creating an urgent need to build awareness and drive outreach for candidates. In this master class , learn about the approach, process and results of a comprehensive qualitative and quantitative research study focused on enhancing the online recruitment experience for Bayhealth’s network of hospitals and medical centers. Learn key insights and leave inspired to create engaging content for job seekers across the web, social properties and more.

Leigh Ann Coleman
Digital Innovation & Consumer Engagement Program Manager

Marlana Voerster
Senior Healthcare Strategist, Consumer Experience

Leveraging Ethnography to Build Powerful, Measurable Multi Channel Campaigns

Many organizations believe that numbers are the superior form of marketing knowledge. This belief is shortsighted and may actually limit the performance of your digital marketing programs. Why? Because numbers and data must be interpreted and analyzed, and if marketers want their data to be actionable and relevant, they need stories. In this master class, learn techniques to help change the service line marketing approach. Learn how to focus on the front door and the tools needed to gather ethnographic insights and how to meld high-value quantitative data with qualitative data that enriches your understanding. Leave understanding how to build personas and journey maps that champion data with storytelling.
Molly Luton
Chief Marketing and Communications Officer
Ballad Health

Phil Ritchey
Chief Growth Officer
LIFT Healthcare

Tech Triumphs: An Entertaining and Enlightening Expedition into the Potential of Digital Health

This master class explores how digital technology is transforming the healthcare industry and revolutionizing the patient experience. Hear from experts from Southwestern Health Resources, Tufts Medicine and Phase2 as they share their experiences in digital transformation. Find practical strategies to leverage digital solutions to enhance patient engagement, improve healthcare delivery and drive profitability. Delve into the challenges and opportunities presented by the healthcare landscape and discuss how to develop a personalized digital health experience that caters to consumers' needs throughout their healthcare journey. Hear real-world examples and best practices to help you develop a comprehensive understanding of the evolving digital health landscape. Examine the importance of using innovative digital solutions to provide high-quality, coordinated care and highlight the benefits of integrating technology into your healthcare delivery model. Explore the potential of AI and machine learning in healthcare to enable data-driven decision-making and improve patient engagement. And leave equipped with practical strategies to enhance patient engagement, drive profitability, and solidify your position as a leader in the digital healthcare industry.
Daphne Tam
Director, Digital Marketing and Marketing Operations
Southwestern Health Resources

Susie Germer
Senior Director of Marketing & Digital Strategy
Tufts Medicine

Marshall Schoenthal
Industry Principal, Healthcare

Gregg Shanefelt
Principal Engineer,Mobile

The Master Algorithm: Language Learning Models 101 and How Health Systems Can Leverage Them

Generative AI tools have taken the world by storm. In just two weeks, ChatGPT gained over 100M users, higher adoption than any previous technology. Health systems must learn how to leverage language learning models (LLMs) like ChatGPT to compete with non-traditional healthcare organizations (Amazon, CVS and Google) and to meet growing consumer expectations. In this master class, learn about the increasing use of LLMs and how these can drive efficiencies and fill workforce gaps. Leave with a solid understanding of their use and how leverage them safely.
John Davey
Vice President Marketing Technology
Mount Sinai Health System

Chris Pace
Chief Digital Marketing Officer
Banner Health

Carrie Liken
Healthcare Head of Industry

Think Like Amazon, Netflix and Target: How to Reimagine the Digital Front Door in Healthcare

Whether scheduling an appointment, finding condition info or paying a bill, consumers need a website that knows who they are and guides them down the best path. Historically, building this experience created a complex host of issues, especially around how to leverage the power and utility of the EHR. So where do you start to truly reimagine the digital front door in healthcare? In this master class, hear case studies from two health systems that are successfully reimagining their digital customer experience. Learn how Luminis Health’s new website rethinks the consumer experience and delivers a modern, Epic-integrated platform for today's consumers. And, see how Nemours Children’s Health created a new web platform that provides a personalized experience, makes scheduling easy, and authentically represents their mission oriented brand across clinical operations in five states."
Molly A. Blessington
Design Director
Nemours Children's Health

David Chase
Director, Digital Marketing and CRM
Nemours Children's Health

Jes Burke
Lead UX Developer & Digital Strategist
Luminis Health

Eileen Harberts
Director of Marketing & Digital Experience
Luminis Health

Bryce Cannon

Chris Riegger
Chief Operating Officer