Master Class Events

These sessions are dedicated to focusing intently on hot industry topics.

An additional registration fee of $155 is required for each pre-conference event (early registration fee is only $125).Use the registration form to secure a seat at your preferred event. Space is limited.

How to Build a Successful Conversion-Focused Content Strategy and Architecture

Penn Medicine has embarked on an overhaul of our web presence. This master class walks through how to build a content strategy that maps to each stage of the user journey and digital marketing funnel. Included in this session: how data informed decisions, how the content model was bult, how the design system supports the content model and how it was implemented in a component-based CMS. Areas discussed: content strategy, web design, UX, analytics, digital demand generation, and website governance.

Maria Arbusto
Senior Director, Search Marketing and Content Strategy
Penn Medicine

Mary Sheehan-Tosto
Associate Director, Digital Channel Strategy
Penn Medicine

Unlocking the Power of Digital Healthcare Marketing to Generate Conversion

Amid increasing healthcare competition, marketing teams are challenged with exceeding patient expectations in the face of HIPAA guidelines, targeted patient acquisition and streamlined communications. Learn how to craft a holistic digital marketing strategy, incorporating paid and unpaid techniques, to achieve marketing targets while complying with HIPAA. Hear how Hartford Healthcare and University Health approached their service line search strategy, propelling conversions, appointments, and ROI and discover how one service line increased conversions by 690%.

Grecia Lopez
Senior Marketing Manager
University Health

Nicole Spagnoletti
Director of Digital Marketing
Hartford HealthCare

Brad Rew
Digital Paid Media Specialist

Heather Jergenson
Account Strategy Director

Rising from the Ashes: Engaging Key Audiences When the Unthinkable Happens

On February 7, 2023, Brockton Hospital evacuated 162 patients when an electrical fire broke out. The fire knocked out all power, drove smoke into patient floors and affected critical utilities and communication systems. Reopening would take over a year – dramatically impacting 460,000 area residents and 2,700 potentially displaced hospital employees. Join this master class on crisis communication management. Learn about the immediate communication challenges and the year-long effort to communicate with and care for local residents and Signature employees while the team worked to reopen the hospital.

Lorraine McGrath
Assoc. Vice President, Marketing & Communications
Signature Healthcare

Dan Dunlop
Jennings Health

HIPAA, FTC, and State Laws: What You Need to Know, 2024 Edition!

The Patient Privacy landscape is still shifting. This is a 2024 edition of the 5-Star 2023 session. This master class will cover all of the changes that have happened in the last year with HIPAA, FTC and state laws - both for marketing analytics and tactics such as paid media and email.  Attend this session to understand what’s happening in healthcare marketing compliance. And no legal jargon! What can you track, what can’t you track, and why! Hear examples, best practices and ways for even non-tech savvy marketers to see if their organization is handling patient data safely. Walk away with actionable changes and confidence about what your marketing team can and can't do in 2024.
Jenifer Warrell
Senior Director of Marketing

Jenny Bristow
Hedy & Hopp

Digital Innovation Through Composable Tech & Partnerships

Outdated approaches to tech have health systems struggling to keep up with rapidly evolving consumer expectations, market forces and regulations. This conversational master class details Prisma Health’s successful approach to delivering a frictionless, consumer-focused digital experience. Join this session to learn how a composable foundation allows for scalability and experimentation, how to evaluate and select the right technology, how to create better patient journeys through the right software partnerships with tools such as Salesforce, Epic and Freshpaint, and how to optimize strategies to improve outcomes.

Richard Baldwin
Manager, Digital Presence and Content
Prisma Health

Michael Kinkaid
Chief Technical Officer
Reason One

Harmonizing Complexity: Michigan Medicine's Digital Transformation Journey

In this master class, hear how Michigan Medicine, a life-saving medicine leader, transformed their 'One Michigan Medicine' digital journey, consolidating 300+ sites into a unified ecosystem. Hear how tailoring the experience for research, education and clinical branches while balancing standardization and flexibility was crucial. This equilibrium ensures digital solutions meet current demands while adapting to trends. Learn how new sites improve design, user experience and operational efficiency, offering cost savings. Hear insights into Michigan Medicine's achievements and the next phase of delivering a unified, tailored web experience.

Denise Beaudoin
Director of Digital Strategy & Engagement
Michigan Medicine

Monica Getz Digital Content Strategist
Michigan Medicine

Kathleen Veneziano
Managing Director

A Marketer’s Guide to Digital Ethics: Practical Strategies to Navigate Data Privacy and AI

This tell-all session will demystify the landscape and help create strategies and tools to deliver a transparent cookie policy, HIPAA-compliant personalization, ethical AI and secure first-party data management. This session shares how Texas Oncology approached its own journey, mastering the balance between personalization and privacy. Then, roll up your sleeves to start documenting the guiding principles that will help guide your organization confidently forward.

Alison Zvolanek
Senior Director, Marketing
Texas Oncology

Teri Sun
Chief Strategy Officer
White Rhino

Orienting to The Consumer: Balancing Patient Access, Acquisition, Retention, and Referrals for Strategic Growth

Health systems are facing an unprecedented crisis of financial uncertainty compounded by the inability to manage the influx of patients needing provider appointments and inpatient care.  Scheduling alone has become a challenge where valuable appointments are sometimes filled with inappropriately triaged patients, creating a backlog for high acuity patients in need. Finding the right tools to improve patient access and physician referrals while reducing operational costs is imperative for patient care and a healthy financial future.

Ryan Younger
Vice President, Marketing
Virtua Health

Sean Baxter
SVP, Health Systems