Panel Discussions

These mainstage sessions are dedicated to focusing intently on hot industry topics with leading experts. Don't miss out!

Navigating Diverse Markets: Insights from Leading Health System CMOs

Join this interactive panel featuring four marketing leaders from health systems across diverse metropolitan and rural areas in the country. Hailing from Cleveland, Cincinnati, Nashville and Dallas, the panelists represent unique challenges and opportunities. Delve into healthcare marketing intricacies, exploring community engagement, patient demographics, and competitive landscapes. From bustling urban centers to rural communities, learn firsthand strategies tailored to meet local needs. Explore innovative marketing approaches for success in diverse environments.

Monday November 11 at 5:10 pm

Stewart Dill


photo of Tom Hileman

Stuart Dill
SVP and Chief Marketing Officer
Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Paul Matsen
Chief Marketing & Communications Officer
Cleveland Clinic
Nikki Moll
Chief Marketing & Communications Officer
Baylor Scott & White Health
Rob Whitehouse
Vice President of Marketing & Communications
Facilitator: Tom Hileman
Managing Partner, Digital
Global Prairie

Stop, Look, and Listen: The Case for Understanding and Acting on Access to Care Voices

In this mainstage panel discussion, listen as experts discuss the importance of pausing, observing and attuning to the pulse of our customer bases. Hear how Emory Healthcare, Duke University Health System and Memorial Healthcare System actively seek out the voice of the customer to understand their health related needs. Discover the pivotal role of soliciting feedback and guidance from patients and stakeholders alike, and gain invaluable insights into leveraging tools such as social media, digital ethnography and beyond to unearth indispensable trends and deepen understanding. Prepare to be inspired by strategies that transcend conventional boundaries, fostering meaningful connections and propelling healthcare marketing into the next frontier. 

Tuesday November 12 at 11:15 am

Selima Khan

Laura Kuechenmeister

photo of Seamus O'Reilly

mike headshot

photo of Dean Browell

Selima Khan
Vice President, Marketing and Corporate Communications
Memorial Healthcare System
Laura Kuechenmeister
Corporate Director, Content Marketing & Design
Emory Healthcare
Séamus O'Reilly
Senior Director, Digital Presence and Content Marketing
Duke Health
Michael Schneider
Executive Vice President
Dean Browell
Chief Behavioral Officer

Healthcare Marketing 2030 and Beyond: The Trends that Will Impact the Future of our Industry

Step into the forefront of healthcare marketing's evolution in this riveting mainstage panel discussion. Dive into the imminent challenges and innovative solutions poised to shape the industry landscape over the next five years and beyond. Gain invaluable insights from seasoned experts representing leading solution partners as they unveil the emerging trends, potential disruptors and unforeseen opportunities set to influence our field. Prepare to explore what lies ahead, identify crucial blind spots and arm yourself with the foresight needed to navigate the dynamic future of healthcare marketing.

Tuesday November 12 at 3:50 pm

photo of Ben Dillon

Brandon Edwards

Paul Matsui

Ben Dillon
Chief Executive Officer
Brandon Edwards
Chief Executive Officer
Unlock Health
Paul Matsui
Chief Data Officer, Vice President Strategy
Digital Health Strategies

Chris Riegger

photo of Martha van Berkel

photo of Jean Hitchcock

Christopher Riegger
Chief Operations Officer
Martha van Berkel
CEO and Co-founder
Schema App
Facilitator: Jean Hitchcock
Sr. Healthcare Advisor
Aloysius Butler & Clark

Mastering the Message: The Integral Role of Content in Healthcare Marketing, Branding, and Communications

In an era where information is at everyone's fingertips, the healthcare industry faces unique challenges and opportunities in crafting messages that resonate, are personalized and are efficiently developed. This fireside chat brings together three distinguished Chief Marketing Officers from leading health systems to explore the critical role of content across marketing, branding and communications. The discussion will dive into strategies that effectively inform, engage and influence patients and the public. This mainstage chat will illuminate the strategic importance of content in healthcare and provide attendees with valuable insights that can directly influence their practices and strategies. Listen as the CMOs share stories about their big wins and their epic fails and note their favorite examples of great content.

Wednesday November 13 at 11:00 am

photo of David Feinberg

Sandra Mackey

Donna Teach

photo of Chris Boyer

David Feinberg
Senior Vice President, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer
Mount Sinai Health System
Sandra Mackey
Chief Marketing Officer
Bon Secours Mercy Health
Donna Teach
Chief Marketing and Communications Officer
Nationwide Children's Hospital/The Kids Mental Health Foundation
Facilitator: Chris Boyer
Founder and Show Host
Touch Point Media