Speaker Resources and Guidelines

Email Confirmation

An email from Cvent will be sent to you regarding your speaker status. Please reply to speaker@greystone.net by July 31, 2024 if you are accepting or rejecting the offer or if there is another reason you cannot respond by the due date.


There are sponsors for each track, and they are responsible for providing someone to provide introductions. If no one shows up to do introductions, please introduce yourself at the beginning of the session and also let someone from the conference staff know. 


Please use the lavalier microphone provided to you in each meeting room. Repeat questions from the audience so that everyone can hear the question.

Q & A

Allow 5-10 minutes for Q&A during your time allotment. Master classes are 90 minutes and track sessions are 50 minutes. 

No Selling

Don't "sell" your product, service, or organization or you will not be invited back to speak at future HCIC meetings.

Make the Most of Your Conference!

Download the Mobile App (after September 2024)

Download the Cvent Event app from the App Store (for iPhone) or Google Play (for Android) to use on your smartphone or tablet. Search for 'Healthcare Internet Conference' and click on the download icon. You will be unable to participate in the community, view your personal schedule, access your profile for messages, etc. if you do not sign in. Sign in using the email address used when you registered.

Once you login you will be able to:

  • Access the full event schedule
  • View presentation handouts
  • Learn about speakers, exhibitors and sponsors
  • Review the sessions
  • Connect with other attendees through messaging or adding a topic to the community board
  • Prepare your own customized agenda

Important Information


Register as a speaker no later than September 20, 2024 to avoid the increased fees of $575. Please note: You must be registered for the conference to get your credentials and to access to the conference app.

Speaker Portal

You will receive an email from Cvent, that will give you the ability to update your personal information, bio and headshot. This will show up in the conference app and schedule so make sure this is accurate and filled out by June 21, 2024. Please direct any questions to speaker@greystone.net.

Submit any additional AV Requests on this Form by October 14, 2024.


Use the PPT template image in your presentation and upload your presentation to the Speaker Portal by Monday, October 14, 2024. 

Please bring your presentation with you on a jump drive to download it on the PC onsite. 

Social Messaging

Let your contacts know that you'll be speaking at the conference. Here is an image that you may use to promote your presence on Twitter (@greystone), LinkedIn (Greystone/HCIC group) and Instagram (greystoneHCIC).